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Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Should I Consider when Choosing a Uniform Provider?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a uniform provider. Please see our Tab for “Why Should I Choose Cheers?” Please beware, manufacturers’ bids and pricing are often a fair representation of the amount of service and tailoring they offer. Not all manufacturers offer the same quality of workmanship and service.

How Do I Order New Uniforms?

Please see our Tab above for “Ordering New Uniforms”

How Many “Extra” Uniforms Should I Order?

We recommend purchasing 20% more than your current team. For example- if you have a team of 50 students, we suggest purchasing a minimum of 60 uniforms.  In this example, you will have 10extra uniforms in your closet for both and increase in your team from year to year as well as

any possible emergencies that may occur.

When Is a “Good Time” To Buy?

The best time to begin the process of purchasing your uniforms is during our “Off Season”. This is from November- April.  Orders placed during this time will receive the most attention and the quickest turn-around time. Although we always work quickly to complete every order, the orders placed from May-September may not be guaranteed for first performances.

How Do I Order Fill-In Uniforms?

Please Email us with a Picture (Front and Back) of each item you are ordering, along with the necessary measurements of the girls who will be needing these items. Orders will not begin the above information is received along with a School Purchase Order, or 50% Down-Payment.

Please note, you may see a significant price increase for uniform fill-in orders. The increase is a result of the loss of the quantity discount and the price increases that have occurred since the last order.

How Do I Measure My Team?

A cheers specialist will walk the measurer through the measurement process step by step before you are ready to measure your team. You may also visit the link below to view our step by step video on measuring your team. We recommend having one person measure to ensure a uniform fit.

How Do I Care for My Uniforms?

Each uniform item should have a care label sewn into the garment. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. For any uniform pieces with sequin, we recommend to spot clean, or hand wash only with mild detergent. For plain uniform items, no sequin- Machine wash cool with like colors, hang to dry.

Can I visit Cheers, Etc., Inc.?

Of course! We welcome you to come and visit our factory and show-room located in Richardson, Texas. Please make an appointment with us by email or phone to schedule your visit. During your visit, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to see the latest styles, fabrics, and manufacturing technology. We will be able to help you create something completely new and different for your team.

What If I Currently Have a Uniform Provider?

Please let us know in advance if you are working with another company to fulfill your uniform needs. We will still be more than happy to provide you with an official quote! It will be the most beneficial to everyone involved if you can let us know up-front of your current situation.

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