Cheers, Etc, Inc. began in 1978. Since then, we have continued to provide each of our clients with our undivided attention. We work directly with you, and your team to ensure your order is produced as seamlessly as possible. On staff, we currently have a team of 16+ skilled artisans. All of our team members are involved to make your product and experience the best it can be. From your initial order and design, to cutting, sewing, and sequinning- all the way to clean-up, inspection, and check-out the Cheers team provides a unique quality of service to you.


We pride ourselves on originality, which is why our uniforms have such a distinct design and appearance. We have a highly talented team of designers on staff to ensure that your product will be unique. Each of our designs, can be customized and tailored to fit the needs and preferences of your team.  All of our patternmaking and designs are created in-house. If you dream it, we can create it.  We love working with teams to create something new and never before seen.  We keep pushing the envelope in the Dance and Drill Team Uniform industry to create designs that are not only beautiful in person and from the field, but will also hold longevity throughout many years of wear.


At Cheers, Etc., Inc., we stand behind our excellent quality of garment construction and use of fine materials. Each uniform is hand made for your school with the extreme attention to detail. Hand-made appliques are used behind each of our intricate sequin designs. The sequin is embroidered with 100+ year old Cornely machines by hand. The final product is always evaluated by our team of experts before leaving our factory.


All fabric and materials are sourced directly through the mills. This allows us to keep a large stock of fabrics and trims on hand at all times to produce each uniform.  Once we have received your complete order, we can then pull from our stock of materials to begin cutting and preparations for your uniforms. Ready-made uniforms are not kept in stock. Every uniform is made to order!


Each uniform is made using a multitude of measurements. We do not believe in such a thing as Small, Medium, and Large. Although we create these uniforms with measurements, the semi-custom fit allows for these uniforms to be easily passed down from year to year, girl to girl.  We analyze and review all of the measurements submitted for each dancer. These members on your team are not just a number to us, we evaluate these measurements to ensure a proper fit. We truly believe your team is our best advertisement! We want to make sure that you look and feel wonderful on the field!


Because all of our uniforms are designed and manufactured in-house, we have complete control over the entire process. This control allows us to provide your team with quality that is un-matched by any of our competitors. We use state-of-the-art, computer driven, cutting technology to quickly and precisely cut out each uniform. This machine allows us cut extremely intricate designs to be used for all of our appliques laid behind the sequin. Anything you order from us, can be made to order time and time again. Cheers, Etc., Inc. wants to provide you with a quality, long lasting product!